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Dry-type electrical transformers built in North America

Our Products

WR Transformers develops, designs and manufactures superior quality transformers at its plant in Granby, Quebec. Operating in a factory of over 50 000 square feet, we build large capacity units up to 20 MVA, voltages up to 49 kV insulation class up to 220kv BIL. With more than a decade of experience in the market, our team offers you excellent technical support and service that will meet your highest expectations.

Our expertise lies in developing and producing custom electrical transformers. Our facility’s versatility and our knowledgeable personnel lend a hand in the planning and making of your next transformer.

WR transformers have been put in place across all five continents and are used to support a wide range of industries – from industrial to commercial, mining to data center, pulp and paper to aluminum smelting, and micro-networks. Other essential domains in which these transformers are used include hospitals, factories, schools, pharmacies, grocery stores and many more, requiring a secure and consistent energy source.

Furthermore, WR has been granted ISO/IEC 17025 certification for our testing laboratory, which is a symbol of quality regarding the capabilities, understanding, and dependability of the personnel and equipment utilized in the test facility. Every single transformer produced by WR is subjected to this intense testing procedure.

WR Transformers’ flexibility and the craftsmanship of our staff make us stand out when designing and producing the most robust transformers.

Standard characteristics of our general purpose electrical transformers:

  • Constructed and tested to CSA C9 and C22.2-47
  • From 5KVA to 2000KVA
  • Up to 1000 V
  • Insulation class 220 ° C
  • Temperature rise 150 ° C
  • Frequency 60 Hz
  • Efficiency according to C802.2-2012 or DOE 2016
  • 4 bolted link adjustable taps (2 X 2.5% FCAN, FCBN)
  • VPI type soaking
  • Mechanical connection lugs included
  • Nema 1 with lifting hook on case


General Construction



Core and Coil Assembly



Transition chambers

Distribution transformers (general application)

Non-linear loaded transformer


Transformer for variable speed motor

Reactor-type transformer

Grounding transformer (zig zag)

Grounding transformer

Rectifier transformer

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