Our 50,000-square-foot plant is located near Saint-Alphone-de-Granby, Québec, allowing us to manufacture transformers of different sizes ranging from 5 Kva to 20 MVA, voltages up to 49kV for insulation classes up to 220 kV BIL. We pride ourselves in offering North American-made electrical transformers of the highest quality.

WR Transformers

When a major data center needs to power its servers 24/7, it relies on us to bridge the gap between the grid and its servers.

When an off-grid mine needs to power its operations in Northern Canada, we build a mobile electrical transformers solution that will work in the harshest environments.

When a multi-billion dollar aluminum smelter needs to operate without downtime, it integrates our high-end electrical transformers into its infrastructure.

We are WR Transformers. We proudly build our dry-type electrical transformers in North America for our customers globally.


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We take pride in having a 100% North American production chain. WR Transformers has been providing high-end electrical transformers since 2012. Our team of engineers, welders, structural designers, electricians, and research and development personnel ensures that our products meet our customer’s exact specifications. Every transformer manufactured by WR goes through a rigorous testing process at our own ISO/IEC 17025 certified test laboratory.


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We built custom-made electrical transformers that cater to the individual needs of our clients. Our electrical transformers operate in the harshest environments, including underground mines, aluminum smelters, open-pit mines and data centers.


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We provide a service tailored to each customers needs. From the quotation to the delivery, we work directly with our clients to design, test, manufacture and deliver their electrical transformers. Our state-of-the-art facilities and our team of engineers, welders and structural designers can build the electrical transformer you need.

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